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100,000’s of ₳D₳ Distributed

Celebrating a Cardano Milestone: Beyond numbers, it’s about community commitment. Our journey, fueled by transparency and trust, showcases shared success.

A Project that generates yield

The reward system at ADAYield is revolutionizing yield generation in the Cardano ecosystem. We’re a vibrant community sharing in the wealth created by our ever-expanding suite of utilities. With hundreds of thousands of ADA already distributed, join us in a transparent, blockchain-verified system where the generated revenue is all about shared prosperity. Be part of ADAYield, the wave of community-driven success in the crypto world.

Holders and pool delegators, rewards are sent out every epoch once their share reaches a 1.5 ADA threshold.

ADAYIELD Distributes the Yield Generated from its Utilities

Verifiable on the Blockchain

Powered by Cardano

Participate and thrive in the ADAYield ecosystem

ADAYield Ecosystem: Participate, prosper, and drive growth. Not just a platform, but a collective force. Every action amplifies ADAYield’s innovative essence.


Gem utilities offer access to premium tools, discounts, and exclusive mints.
Gem NFT holders receive 18% of all revenue shared and receive ADY drip every epoch.


ADY Token receives the highest revenue share with buyback and burns.
ADY Token holders receive 45% of all revenue shared and receive ADY drip every epoch.


Cardano staking is like no other—stake ADA in AY1 pool for additional benefits.
AY1 Pool delegators receive 20% of pool revenue, 1% of shared revenue, and ADY drips every epoch.

  • LP: 30,000,000,000
  • Marketing & Development: 3,600,000,000
  • Circulation: 900,000,000
  • Burned: 65,500,000,000

approx* EST. before DEX launch

ADAYield Token: Asset Name – ADY
Policy Id: 438514ae1beb020d35e5389993447cea29637d6272c918017988ef36



Empower your crypto portfolio with ADAYield – an innovative project leveraging the robust Cardano network. With ADAYield, you’re not just buying a token, you’re becoming a part of a community-driven initiative that shares its revenue, generated from diverse utilities, back with its members. Be a part of a transparent, blockchain-verified ecosystem that’s not about new investors but the shared success of all. Join us, hold ADY, and reap the benefits of our revenue-sharing, NFT integrations, enhanced staking rewards, and much more. ADAYield – where blockchain meets community, yielding shared prosperity.

Deflationary Dynamics for Sustainable Growth

ADAYield’s token burns highlight our commitment to crafting an elite Cardano ecosystem. Each burn intensifies our focus on scarcity and community excellence.

ADAYield uses a deflationary approach with a token burn mechanism. By reducing the total ADY supply, we increase scarcity and potential value for current holders, while offering new participants a chance to join a more exclusive and promising ecosystem.

DApps Built by the Community, for the Community

Experience ADAYield’s DApps and utilities: seamless yield returns, automated buybacks, and burns. All built-in. No hassle, just growth. Elevate with ADAYield. — ADAYield’s premier platform anchored on the Cardano blockchain. Here, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) aren’t just digital assets; they’re cryptographic gateways to a universe of exclusive digital content.

With a focus on end-to-end encryption, our system prioritizes data integrity and transactional security. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders in music and film, Streamkey offers optimized, high-resolution content delivery, ensuring an unparalleled subscriber experience.

Experience Streamkey: A nexus of technical excellence and content innovation. Dive into a decentralized content hub where cutting-edge blockchain technology meets exclusive digital entertainment. — The ultimate NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain. Here, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) transcend their digital form; they represent unique artistic endeavors and exclusive collectibles.

Prioritizing user experience and transactional safety, our platform ensures streamlined processes for minting, buying, selling, and trading NFTs. With exclusive mints from the top-tier projects in the blockchain space, stands as a beacon for rare and coveted digital artistry.

Discover The epitome of NFT ingenuity on Cardano. Immerse yourself in a one-stop destination where blockchain’s prowess harmonizes with the allure of digital collectibles.

Leveraging the Cardano Blockchain

Unlock Cardano’s Power: DApps designed to elevate your portfolio. Tap into blockchain brilliance and turn potential into profits.

ADAYield.Finance — ADAYield’s paramount DeFi hub on the Cardano blockchain. Beyond just a digital wallet, it’s the portal to a universe of cutting-edge decentralized financial tools.

Prioritizing seamless functionality, our platform ensures swift transactions and user-centric analytics. Featuring swap DEX operations, derivatives, and futures contracts, we provide avenues for enhanced asset growth. Dive into optimized farming and liquidity solutions, all heightened with the allure of ADYCASH incentives.

Discover ADAYield.Finance: A fusion of DeFi brilliance and Cardano’s technological prowess. Navigate the landscape where blockchain innovation converges with dynamic financial avenues.

ADAYield AI — ADAYield’s apex AI solution on the Cardano blockchain. Not just another chatbot, it’s a beacon illuminating Cardano’s multifaceted landscape.

Crafted for a diverse user base, our AI seamlessly guides the expert developer and enlightens the inquisitive newcomer. Harnessing live data streams from nodes and APIs, it demystifies Cardano tokens, pools, and blockchain intricacies. Infused with the forefront OpenAI protocols, ADAYield AI stands as a testament to advanced learning and precision.

Discover ADAYield AI: The intersection of Cardano’s vastness and AI’s revolutionary prowess. Delve into a platform where dynamic Cardano insights fuse with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Discover Exciting projects in the ADAYield Ecosystem

Join the crypto revolution

ADAYield Token: Asset Name – ADY
Policy Id: 438514ae1beb020d35e5389993447cea29637d6272c918017988ef36

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